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Esme Essentials defines the essence of serenity. A place where relaxation brings you peace of mind. Esme Essentials was established in 2019 as a gift and in memory of my loving grandmother, Esmeralda. She embodied serenity, and everything she did was with love. It's my love for her and her creative nature that gave me the idea behind Esme Essentials.


I decided to create a line of products with a mixture of fragrances that would allow anyone to enjoy it. When I am creating, It enables me to venture into a space that gives me a peace of mind-a place where I can do what I love and what comes naturally.


 My grandmother would be very proud and happy to know that I have created a legacy in her honor...Esme Essentials is the start of many things to come...With positive energy, blessings and lots of love.

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